The Colorful Makeup Looks to Try Right Now

March 29, 2024

The Colorful Makeup Looks to Try Right Now

There’s no better time than spring to try new makeup colors, new finishes, and new techniques with pastel and jewel tones being the shades of the season as they bring life to a dull, wintered complexion. Colorful eyeshadow looks, for example, elevate your everyday makeup and help brighten eyes with very little effort required, while a petal soft shot of color worn on lips is low fuss but high impact. Colorful makeup is also appropriately joyful and uplifting for events such as a spring wedding, a summer party, or afternoon cocktails.

Here are three colorful makeup looks to try right now…

The inner corner flash of color

The most recent fashion week shows delivered a series of looks where bright, shimmering color was dusted into the inner corners of the eyes while the rest of the face was kept minimal. Pink, in its various guises, is the ultimate colorful eyeshadow for it brightens your eyes, no matter your eye color, and is easy to dial up or dial down in intensity.

Begin by priming your lids with Eye Basics Primer in the shade closest to your natural skin tone, to create an evenly toned surface for your colorful eye makeup to contrast against. And then, for a softer take on the trend, apply Caviar Stick Eye Shadow in the shade Raspberry, to the inner corners of your eyes. Apply directly from the stick and then blend out with All Over Eye Color Brush. Skip the eyeliner and finish instead with a layer of mascara.

The Petal Pout

A punchy color warn on lips against a subtly perfected complexion works all year round but it’s especially impactful in the warmer months. Evolve the trend further with a petal soft, sheer matte finish and a slightly blurred edge for a look that’s both groomed and casual.

Perfect your skin with a light layer of Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Waterproof Foundation, brush through and fill in your brows with Eye Brow Pencil, and apply a slick of Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara to get you started. Then apply Petal Soft Lipstick Crayon in a striking color that contrasts your skin. You’ll love 361 Alma, a bright coral red, 321 Ophélie, a bright, blue-based pink, and 323 Maia, a peachy pink. Apply the color directly from the bullet, using the pointed end to sketch along your lip line for a more finished look or apply the color to your lips using your fingertips for a softly blurred effect.

Glazed Blush

You’ve likely heard of glazed nails and glazed skin, but do you know about Glazed Blush? Like its glazed counterparts, Glazed Blush is dewy, glossy, and almost lacquered looking, making skin look super healthy and beautifully flushed.

Cream and liquid blush textures are essential and there’s no better formula for this trend than Tinted Moisturizer Blush, for its skincare laden formula helps hydrate and condition skin while imparting a hit of pigment.

To get the Glazed Blush look, pat liquid blush in a vibrant shade such as Cherry Orchard, a shimmering tomato red, or Southbound, a peachy pink, onto the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards along your cheekbone, fading the color out by the time it meets your temples. To emphasize the color further, apply RoseGlow Liquid Highlighter to your cheekbone, over the blush.