Step by Step Smokey Eye Tutorial

March 05, 2024

Step by Step Smokey Eye Tutorial

If we were to suggest mastering any eye makeup look, it'd be a smokey eye. Why? It’s versatile. You can dress it up or down, you could do a colourful smokey eye when you’re feeling flirty or stick to neutrals when you want a daily look. A smokey eye looks good on all skin tones and all eye colours. So, if you’re convinced of the power of a good smokey eye, stick around for our evening eye makeup tutorial.

How to Do a Smokey Eye

First, let's talk about what you’ll need. We suggest using three varying shades of eye shadows—a dark, a medium, and a light. Our matte Caviar Sticks work flawlessly for this smokey eye tutorial. Trying using Dark Cacao, Brick, and Au Nautrel if you want a warm, brown smokey eye. And don’t forget mascara. Big, bold lashes are the finishing touch for every smokey eye look.

Step One

Now that you have everything, start by running your darkest eyeshadow shade along your lash line.

Step Two

Using an eyeshadow brush, diffuse the colour up into your crease.

Step Three

Next, apply your medium shade across your whole lid into the crease. Use a brush to continue buffing and diffusing the colour.

Step Four

Take your lightest shade and lightly blend it under your brow bone and in the center of your lid for a spotlight effect.

Step Five

Top it off with your volumizing mascara and voilà--your evening eye look is complete.

Smokey Eye FAQs

What is a smokey eye?

A smokey eye makeup look is when you diffuse multiple eyeshadow shades to create dimension. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to create a sexy nighttime look if you’re going out.

How to blend a smokey eye?

You may want to use multiple eyeshadow brushes to nail your perfect smokey eye. The trick is to continuously blend and diffuse as you work so each shade looks “smoked out.” Having a smudge brush and a clean fluffy brush, in addition to your normal eyeshadow brush, can be very helpful.

Do you wear eyeliner with smokey eye?

You can wear eyeliner or a cream eyeshadow smudged along the lash line for a smokey eye. It’s up to you, however, we prefer the effortlessness of cream eyeshadow sticks.

What colours do you need for smokey eye?

If you’re doing a colourful smokey eye, choose three shades within the same colour family. For example, a deep navy blue, a slightly lighter steel blue, and a gray-toned highlighter shade. If you’re doing a natural smokey eye, stick to shades of brown, black, or gray.

What colour lipstick goes with a smokey eye look?

If you’re doing a smokey eye, you don’t want to take too much attention away from your bold, sexy look. That’s why the most popular lipstick that goes with a smokey eye is a nude or brown lip. It’s an easy way to look polished without seeming overdone.