Makeup Artist Hack: Mixing Liquid Foundation and Setting Powder

March 29, 2024

Makeup Artist Hack: Mixing Liquid Foundation and Setting Powder

If you thought our translucent setting powder was only designed as a last step in your makeup routine, we’ve got news for you. This endlessly versatile makeup product can be used in several different applications, but the one we’re spotlighting today is one of our favorite foundation hacks: Mixing liquid foundation and setting powder for a flawless finish that lasts all day. 

What You’ll Need

Whether you want your foundation to last longer or you want to try out a different finish without buying a new product, this flawless foundation hack is for you. All you’ll need is your go-to liquid foundation, our loose setting powder, and finally—the flawless foundation brush.

Why Your Foundation Brush Matters

The brush may be the most important part of the equation here. If you’re used to using a fluffy powder brush when applying powder foundation, we recommend trying the more densely packed shape of our flawless foundation brush. It’s precisely cut for more controlled application, intuitively designed to contour to your face’s natural curves, and always creates a skin-like finish. Plus, unlike other foundation brushes, this one can be used for both powder and liquid formulas. And since we’re using both, this makeup brush is perfect.

How to Apply

Have you ever noticed how makeup artists use makeup products in ways you wouldn’t expect? Whether it’s lip liner as eyeliner or a blush as a lipstick, makeup artists can make use of products in so many different ways--and this foundation hack is one of them. So, let’s break it down.

Step One

Once you have your supplies, you'll need a smooth, clean surface. You can use the top to your translucent setting powder, a hand mirror, or a cosmetic mixing plate if you have one.

Step Two

From there, you’re going to apply one pump of your liquid foundation and a sprinkle of your translucent setting powder. Using your flawless foundation brush, mix the two products together.

Step Three

Apply directly to your face, as you would any other foundation.

By combining the liquid and powder formulas, you’re left with a foundation blend that offers a semi-matte finish, evens out the skin tone, provides buildable coverage, and lasts all day long. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself and be mesmerized by the results.