How to Pick Lipstick Colour Based on Your Outfit

March 04, 2024

How to Pick Lipstick Colour Based on Your Outfit

We all have a go-to lip colour that makes you feel great. It’s probably a pinky nude that’s easy to put on for work, school, and daily errands. But what about special occasions? When you want to dress up, put a little extra effort into your makeup look, you need a lipstick colour that complements your outfit. And luckily—that’s exactly what we’re breaking down today. Ready on to learn how to pick lipstick colours based on your outfit du jour.

First, Identify Your Skin Tone

Before we begin, we can’t talk about outfits without first mentioning skin tones. A lipstick shade won’t look good with any outfit if it doesn’t already pair well with your natural complexion. So, how do you decide where to start? Determine your skin tone with our recent breakdown of cool undertones, warm undertones, and neutral undertones. From there, you can apply it to your skin shade: fair, dark, or olive.

The Best Lipstick Colour for Fair Skin

Considering your undertone, those with fair skin often look good in pink-y nudes, corals, peaches, and red. If you lean cooler, stick to dusty pinks like our favourite Petal Soft Lip Crayon in Elodie. If you have a warmer undertone, try Petal Soft Lipstick Crayon in Alma—a beautiful coral that can be layered for more intensity.

The Best Lipstick Colour for Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, your best lipstick shades range from brown-y nudes, cocoa, deep browns, and plums to bright pinks and vibrant reds. Check out our cream lipstick in Chocolat Divin for a deep reddish brown that lasts all day.

The Best Lip Colour for Olive Skin

Olive skin tends to fall in the warmer category, but it can be read as neutral, too. If that’s the case, experiment with mauves, pinks, and berry shades to determine which one you feel looks best. The video below has some great options!

What Colour Lipstick Should I Wear with a Red Dress?

On to the outfits! It may feel tempting to pair your red dress with a red lipstick, but we don’t always recommend that. For starters, it can be hard to find the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone. And once you do, it may not match the red of your dress. For that reason, we suggest pairing a nude or brown-y pink with your red dress for the most flattering look.

What Colour Lipstick Should I Wear with a Blue Dress?

Because there are so many shades of blues, we wanted to offer a few lipstick options. If you’re wearing a light, pale blue, we think a nude or a sheer, buildable pink works well. If you’re wearing a bright, cobalt blue, you could try a matte beige lipstick with a clear gloss or a creamy mauve. And finally, if you’re wearing a navy blue dress, we think a deep burgundy or berry would be so chic.

What Colour Lipstick Should I Wear with a White Dress?

A white dress is the perfect opportunity to choose a colour you wouldn’t normally. It’s a blank slate, so you can really make a statement with your lipstick colour. Try a coral or fuchsia if you have a warm skin tone or a deep berry or cool-tone pink if you have a cool undertone. You can’t go wrong—but have fun! Experiment with lipliners and glosses for the perfect shade mix.

Is There a Lipstick Colour for Purple Dress?

If you’re wearing a light purple dress, stick with lighter shades of pinks or nudes. If you’re wearing a deep jewel-toned purple dress, feel free to try bolder shades like wine, plum, or berry. Using our tips about undertones above, find shades that suit your natural complexion for the best result.

Find Your Favourite Lipstick

No matter what you wear, your favourite lipstick is going to be the one you feel most confident in. Whether that’s a bright red with blue undertones, a classic nude, or a warm pink, we know that we have the perfect shade of lipstick for you and your skin tone.