Cat Eye for Hooded Eyes Tutorial

March 04, 2024

Cat Eye for Hooded Eyes Tutorial

If you have hooded (or mono) lids, we have the perfect look for you. A cat eye is a classic for a reason—it’s chic, understated, and perfect for any occasion. From old-school beauties like Sophie Loren and Audrey Hepburn to contemporaries like Taylor Swift and Emma Stone, a cat eye seems to look good on everyone. So, if you’ve been wary to try because you aren’t sure how—consider this cat eye for hooded eyes tutorial for you.

First, What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes feature extra skin and soft tissue near the brow bone which creates a deep crease and a “hood” over the eyelid. In non-hooded eyes, you can see the eyelid, the crease, and the remaining space up to the eyebrow bone—whereas in hooded eyes, you can’t. You can see from an eye makeup point of view how that may change the way you apply.

Hooded eyes are a unique and attractive trait that should be played up—starting with a cat eye.

What Makes a Cat Eye for Hooded Eyes Different

Because there’s less space to work with on the eyelid of hooded eyes, a bold cat eye requires a specific technique to best accentuate hooded eyes. Whereas those with non-hooded eyes can start their eyeliner wing along the lash line (veering onto the eyelid), hooded eyes need to take the line a little lower before flicking out. Don’t worry, we’re going to break down this down step by step, with products we think you need for the perfect cat eyeliner for hooded eyes.

How to Cat Eye for Hooded Eyes

Cat eye makeup for hooded eyes is easy to achieve, but first let’s talk about what you need: Eyeliner and a smudge brush. Our Caviar Tightline Eyeliner is the perfect consistency for blending (the Bleu Marine is so effortlessly chic) but choose a creamy eyeliner pencil you like best.

Step one

Using your eyeliner, apply to the inner eyeline of the upper lash from end to end. This is a technique known as tightlining. When done to the bottom lash, it can be referred to as waterlining. No matter what you call it, it’s relatively easy to do. Gently press on your lid to expose your inner eyeline on the upper lash line. Run your pencil across it and admire the slim line of colour that stays in its place.

Step two

Now it’s time for the fun part. Taking the same pencil you used to tightline, apply the pigment across the top lash line. Diffuse the edges of the line using your smudge brush and create a wing.

Pro tip: Instead of drawing the wing directly from the outer corner of your eye, try extending the corner first. Meaning, start by creating a downward sloping line at the outer end of your eyelid that extends slightly past the crease, then draw the wing up and out from there.

Step three

Using whatever remains on the brush, smudge a soft amount of pigment across the bottom lash line to complete the look.

Because we’re using a creamy eyeliner versus a harsh liquid liner, this look can be very forgiving. Our Caviar Eyeliner pencil features hyaluronic acid for precise application without tugging, and the right amount of play time to smudge before it sets. If you want to go back with a clean Q-tip to sharpen any lines or readjust your wing—feel free.

Complete Your Look

Now that you’ve mastered the cat eyeliner, the hard part is over. All that’s left is a flawless base, volumizing mascara, and the perfect lip. Luckily, our virtual try on tool can help match you with the right shade and finish for your different colour cosmetics needs. Whether or not you have hooded eyes, freckles, light lashes, or full lips—we have tips to highlight and celebrate your unique characteristics.